Marco Mederer

Marco Mederer


Bioactivating TiO2 bone scaffolds by bioactive glass coatings

Investigator: Marco Mederer (Bachelor Student)

Betreuer: Abirami Sengottuvelan, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Three dimensional TiO2 scaffolds are receiving attention for the reconstruction of damaged bone tissue. Additional to their biocompatibility, these scaffolds show mechanical properties similar to bone and therefore meet the requirements for the usage as a scaffold system. However the bioactivity of these scaffolds is comparatively lower than that of bioactive glass scaffolds [1]. Sol-gel derived bioactive glasses usually exhibit high bioactivity in vitro and can also be loaded with drugs. Hence, the main aim of this work is to produce and characterize TiO2 scaffolds coated with sol-gel derived silicate layers and to test their in vitro bioactivity and drug delivery properties.

[1] A.Sengottuvelan, et al., Bioactivation of titanium dioxide scaffolds by ALP-functionalization, BioactiveMaterials (2017), in press.